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Top Ten Smallmouth Flies on Podcast

Brad MillerFor those of you that want to tune up your fly selection for this season, you may want to check out a recent internet radio interview done on

Roger Maves proprietor contacted me after seeing

This site is the best podcast source to be found anywhere to listen to great fly fisherman talk about the entire gamut of the sport from fresh to salt, from Alaska to Chile. You can join the membership and download over 200 incredible podcast to listen to at your leasure.

My segment is quite long, around 90 minutes, as they all are, but the information gleaned will make you a better fisherman.

My interview covers basic smallmouth strategies and we then delve into the top ten patterns (revised within the last year) and discuss why these flies and how to present them to enhance your success.

Click the link below to visit this outstanding site and listen to me and some of the biggest names in the fly fishing industry talk about their craft.

Brad Miller on

Fly Fishing Speed Knots

Super Fast Terminal Connections

I’ve used the Swirle Knot for years as a terminal connection and it’s fast and easy. Everyone has their favorites and as long as they hold up – you’re good. It’s always fun to learn new ones, especially if they are REALLY easy!

So without further delay, I’ll let you be the judge of two extremely fast and easy knots to tie.

The first one: The Best Fishing Knot has been viewed nearly One Million times on YouTube. 

The second: The Davey Knot comes from Practical Patterns from Tightlines Productions.

These are the finest fly tying videos I’ve seen and they also include other tantalizing tidbits for the fly fishing addict. Check out the Davey Knot below and then click the Tightlines Production Link to get lost in fly tying for a day or two.

The Davy Knot from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

The Amazing Murdich Minnow

The Amazing Murdich Minnow

murdichminnow300.pngIf you don’t have a supply of Murdich Minnows available in different sizes and even color patterns, you better get busy!

In my opinion, the Murdich is one of the greatest flies for fresh or saltwater ever created. They are easy to tie with the original pattern, developed by Bill Murdich, the most deadly.

I also carry variants and different colors, especially gold and olive to emulate various baitfish, where ever I’m fishing. I also tie them on a stainless steel hook, as you never know when a saltwater opportunity may pop up.

Here are the original ingredients:

HOOK: TMC8089NP size 10 or Targus B9089 size
THREAD: White 6/0 thread
TAIL: Silver Flashabou over white bucktail with pearl Flashabou
COLLAR: Silver Flashabou over white Ice Fur
BODY/HEAD: Pearl Estaz, top colored with cool gray Pantone
pen. If needed, use underbody of white medium chenille for bulk
EYES: Silver or pearl 3-D molded, size 5.0

Here are two different approaches to the Murdich Minnow.

#1 is the classic tie, in this case from Hans Sephenson of South Dakota Fly Shop in Rapid City, SD.

#2 is a variation from Joe Cornwall of Fly Fish Ohio. This pattern sports a larger head region, but is also very effective.

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