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The Best Fishing Tool

Mitten Scissor Clamp

The best and handiest tool I’ve found in recent years is the Mitten Scissor Clamp

When I’m fishing I generally carry several different kinds of tools. 

  • One is a clipper or nipper for cutting line and poking out glue in the hook eye holes.
  • I carry a needle-nose pliers for hook removal, crimping barbs and split shot or extracting hooks embedded in my fishing buddy. 
  • I carry a small wire cutter that doubles as a line cutter. I like to have a wire cutter in the rare event I need to cut off a hook somewhere if it’s embedded where it should not be.
  • I generally have a hemostat in case I want to clamp down and hold something like a hook, etc.

Recently I’ve been using a 7 1/2″ Mitten Scissor Clamp (NuCast) and found these instruments very handy as they are five tools in one! The Mitten Clamps contain the following uses: 

  1. A pliers or grasper for holding or crimping.
  2. A clamp for solid containment with three levels of tightening to ensure a forceful grip.
  3. A surgically sharp scissors to cut line, light wire, & small diameter rope.
  4. A hook eye cleaner pin with insertion hole on other arm. 
  5. A 1/8″ hole in the lower handle for hook holding when tightening a heavy mono knot or adding a lanyard.

 I no longer have to carry several different tools and now just used the Mitten Clamp for everything!

The 7  inch model is great for larger fish such as bass, pike and saltwater. There is also an 8 inch model for larger hands and applications. The 5 1/2 inch models are perfect for trout, panfish and smaller hands. 

Many of these clamps come with a cushioned grip material called NuFoam for easy non-slip gripping and protection in cold weather.

You can check out the whole line of Mitten Scissor Clamps here:

MittenClamp UP close

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