I Lost My Mojo…and How to Get It Back. Mojo Definitions: Lost Mojo | Adverb: is defined as: To lose one’s confidence, energy, or enthusiasm, especially coinciding with a decline in one’s success. Example: After his summer of fishing for bass, with lousy results, it seems Brad has lost his […]

Mojo Revival?

Getting Into Tarpon I know this is site is largely focused on bass fly fishing, but I have a confession: I’m a tarpon freak! Here’s some thoughts on my trancension into the wonderful world of baby and juvenile tarpon. A Little Background I got interested in tarpon fishing over 30 […]

Tarpon Time

Smallmouth Popper Flies - Blue Blockhead
Blue Blockheads for Smallmouth In the previous post, I discussed trying our Carolina Blue Blockhead Poppers. I’m not sure why, but this early season the river smallmouth have been going nuts over these blue foam popper flies. I thought you guys and gals should know about this. Here’s the scenario. […]

Get the Blues!

New Blue Blockhead Popper Bodies! I’ve been getting bugged for years from fly fisher people out east in Virginia and North Carolina to offer some blue colored blockheads. It seems the smallmouth bass really like ’em there and everywhere! We’ve been gerry-rigging blue poppers for years by coloring a white […]

We Got the Blues