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Practical Fly Fishing | Larry St. John

The following book written by Larry St. John is an American treasure every serious fly angler may consider making part of their fishing library. It is entertainingly written and covers nearly every aspect of bass and trout fly fishing.

The book was crafted in the 1950’s. It is a delightful exploration of fly fishing topics relating to both bass and trout. We want you to experience the charm and magic of these old books. This gem is available as an e-book which you will receive free, in beautiful PDF format, when you sign up for our periodic newsletter.

Yes, you can have it FREE now by registering for our newsletter above. is dedicated to all things fly fishing for smallmouth bass. We revel in the reclamation of certain watersheds that again support populations of game fish after years of absence. We welcome new innovations in equipment to make our sport more enjoyable.

We respect the experience and knowledge from the past as it is flows to current and future generations of anglers. We find it entertaining to read newly discovered methods for catching fish. In truth, the catching of fish has not changed appreciably for a long time.

Yes, this pasttime has continued to evolve with technology, but the actual anticipation, preparation, camaraderie and periodic success of catching fish has retained its magic through the millennia; we hope it always will.

So called “new methods” are often old ones renamed and retreaded. Fly fishing for smallmouth and largemouth is not a new sport. While trout fly fishing predates bass by several hundred years, bass fly angling in its early form began about one hundred years ago in Florida as bass anglers “bobbed” for largemouth.

You will discover fascinating facts about the history and evolution of fly angling. You will also find certain strategies and associated fly patterns have withstood time and technology.

We at hope you enjoy reading and referring to this book.

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