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How About Some Unique Gifts for a change…..

Aren’t you tired of people saying, “I have no idea what to get ****, since he/she has everything”. Well don’t worry, I have some ideas for you that are unique and very cool, posted on a new video……Click Here for Video



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Handy Tools for the Fly Fisherman

WholeFamFly fishing is a distant memory for some of us in the north country as the open water transitions to hard ice. But for many in the southern climes and saltwater globetrotters, fly fishing is going strong. is an online store targeting big fish. We sell fly rods, reels, fly lines, vises, fly fishing tools, fly tying materials and accessories. 

We now sell the entire line of great products from NuCast. Besides their super fly rods and reels, we offer a cool line of fly fisherman tools that are really unique. NuCast has an extensive line of:

  • Nippers (line cutters)
  • Scissors (for fly tying, etc.)
  • Scissor Clamps (combination scissors & clamp)
  • Mitten Clamps (surgical grasp and hold clamp)

 We have demo’d nearly all of the tools and they are surgical quality products made to last. 

NipperSkinz WideGripNippers
WideGripOpener MittenClampsMultiColor
OffSetScissors AllinOneTool
MicroTipScissor OpenHoleScissorClamp

Top Ten Trout Flies Revealed!

The best, most effective trout flies of all times are now available for everyone through a new ebook from Brad Miller of

Top Ten Trout Flies of All TimeThe Top Ten (Quintessential) Trout Flies by Brad Miller takes you through this magical list of time tested killer fly patterns that every trout fisherman must have as the basis for a well stocked trout fly box.

The list includes dry flies, nymphs, and attractor patterns as well as terrestrials that have caught trout around the world.

Each fly is described in detail including a fascinating and sometimes controversial history of the pattern creator and developmental changes through the years.

The current standard fly tying materials are given, including suggested hook types, in many cases, to ensure you tie the flies just like the creative geniuses that pondered gave rise to these patterns.

The list is gleaned from the top bestselling trout flies from three major manufacturers and purveyors of flies in the U.S. Fisherman have voted with their wallets and these patterns are the ones everyone favors as a collective top ten trout flies.

Available Now in eBook format only for $7.97!

Ultimate Portable Fly Tying Light

The Ultimate Portable Fly Tying Light

We came across this incredibly handy device recently and have a very limited supply on hand. Check this out. It’s a battery operated (3 D Cells) lantern style LED light with two swivel panels of lights that can be positioned in any configuration you wish. 

FlyBass FlyLyte

The hinge height of the lights, at the handle is 9 inches making it tall enough shed a light on your vise. You can position the panels in any position to illuminate other parts of the tying area or have a double light on your vise.

This may be the best portable all purpose fly fishing and camping light ever invented.

There are a total of 30 LED light bulbs on both panels for a super bright white light to illuminate a large area for camping, hunting, fishing or whatever!

The handle allows the unit to be hung from a hanger or used from the solid base, anchored with the three D-Cell batteries (not included).

I have personally used one for hunting, fishing and of course fly tying. The batteries last a long time, since you only need one panel, most of the time.

Imagine sitting at the picnic table in the evening after a great day on the water – tying up a few hot patterns with this LED super light that’s so easy to set up and position for whatever the purpose.

Tie flies, play cards, do…whatever with the Ultimate Portable Fly Tying Light! Get yours HERE.

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