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Sport Tube Rod Cases

These were out of stock for several months, now they’re back.  This product requires assembly, but it’s quite easy as all the pieces snap together. There’s some adjustment, based on your vehicle. I put mine together, adjusted it for my Suburban and loaded up the tube

Double Haul: Travel Rack Poly Tube for fully rigged fly rods.

Quick, convenient access to fully assembled rods and reels right on your vehicle, ideal for pulling up to those after work fishing spots or changing locations quickly.

Double Haul Fly Rod Case
Car Roof Rack Rod Holder Tube

(+ shipping/handling=$29.00)


High density polyethylene plastic protects two fully assembled 9-foot fly rods and reels. It is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable.Double Haul Sport Tube

A four-piece, fully-adjustable hard-shell fly rod case that mounts and locks to most roof racks to protect rods and reels from theft, damage, wind, dirt and dust.

New Fly Fishing EBook – Released

Backyard Fly Fishing by Brad Miller

Ever wish you could fly fish more often? How about learning tactics to enjoy the fishing you have close to home, between those exotic get aways? 

Backyard Fly Fishing by Brad Miller takes the angler on a journey to explore and discover great fishing opportunities within a short drive or bicycle ride from home. 

Information is covered revealing little known resources of reliable data that will point an angler in the right direction to pursue and catch warm water species such as panfish, bass (smallmouth and largemouth) and northern pike.

Flies and fishing techniques are also covered preparing the “neighborhood” fly fishing sleuth with all the info they need to score within “spittin'” distance of your front door. 

Check out a sample of the eBook HERE.

Preparing for Tarpon

About every three years I slip down to southwest Florida and attempt to tangle with some tarpon. I’m heading down over Memorial Day weekend and fishing out of Sanibel and Marco Island. Me and my partner will be using two different guides. We’ll start out with one day north of Sanibel with a new guide. We’ll target tarpon in the morning and then perhaps change to snook or possibly reds later in the morning.

On Marco, we’ll be using a guide I know quite well. He is Andrew Bostick, the best guide I’ve ever had, period. If anyone can put us on some big moo moo’s in the Ten Thousand Island area, he can. We may also revert to some other types of fish if the situation allows.

We will also have the opportunity to beach/wade fish around Tigertail beach on Marco Island. I’ve heard there can be some awfully nice big snook, reds, and even big tarpon in the area this time of year.

I’m going to use this blog to chronicle our trip. Can’t wait.

Finally – A New Site!

Fly fishing for smallmouth bass or has received has received over one half million visitors over the last seven years.

The site itself has been in a state of disrepair as I’ve given attention to other pursuits, such as my primary business (http://bamsites) and – my online fly shop.

Now it’s time to devote attention to the core website and make it better.
We hope you like the new format.

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