Muddy Water Fly Rodding The spring in Minnesota has been early and a bit on the wet side. We started on small tributaries to the Mississippi with mixed results and this condition has carried through into the last three weeks on the big river. The water color and visibility on […]

Roiled Water – Funky Fishing

How to Integrate Saltwater Flyfishing into a Tropical Vacation Have you ever wanted to tie in a Caribbean vacation with some saltwater fly fishing? You can do so without breaking the bank. Here’s some ideas on equipment and general approach. Saltwater fly fishing is the fastest growing aspect of the industry over the […]

Fly Fishing on a Tropical Vacation

Top Ten Smallmouth Flies – Podcast For those of you that want to tune up your fly selection for this season, you may want to check out a recent internet radio interview done on AskAboutFlyFishing.com. Roger Maves – proprietor contacted me after seeing FlyBass.com. This site is the best podcast […]

Top Ten Smallmouth Flies on Podcast