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Early Autumn Spin Fishing Smallmouth

We floated a section of the upper Mississippi a few days ago for late summer/early fall smallmouth. Since it was extremely windy, we opted for heavier artillery using crankbaits and jigs, instead of flies.

Fogal9-22-13BriteFishing this time of year can be a crap shoot for fish location, since in many cases this is a transition time of year. Some fish will remain in the shallows, as long as the water stays relatively warm.

As the days shorten and begin to cool, shallow water bass will begin their late season migration to deeper holes and runs in preparation for the cold water period. 

For this reason, we tried shallow running crankbaits, deep divers, and “lip-less” cranks, as well as jigs and spinnerbaits.

We were fishing in high winds during a weather change for an incoming cold front, so conditions were not ideal to say the least!

We managed a few fish on jigs with plastic tails, but most of the bigger fish came on cranks. A lipless crankbait like the old HotSpots in blue worked quite well. Also, a crayfish colored square bill worked as well.

A couple of the fish, including this one caught by my buddy (20″), were very impressive. 


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