Flies and Fly Tying Technique

There will be days when the bass will hit everything and nothing. The key is experimentation. Keep changing patterns and probing different levels of the water column and you will connect.

Remember conditions can change drastically in short order, throughout the day. Check here for information on basic fly tying techniques and tips.

Smallmouth Fly Selection

Every smallmouth fisherman should consider these flies in their fly box.

You can easily get by with one flybox full of a variety of flies (easy for me to say).

Your choices can be straight forward. In any given situation you should have flies from the following categories:

  • Surface Poppers
  • Foam Hopper Patterns
  • Surface to subsurface sliders or divers
  • Hackle-bodied Streamers
  • Fur-bodied Streamers
  • Nymphs
  • Weighted deep “jig-type” flies (Clousers)
  • Traditional trout flies, including terrestrials such as hoppers and ants.