Fly Tying

Tying Flies for Smallmouth Bass

When considering flies for smallmouth or largemouth bass, poppers are generally the first choice due to the visual excitement. Streamers are the mainstay and nymph fishing is probably the most under used, but effective, of smallmouth tactics.

Here are are some subsurface patterns and tying information. Much of the fly tying information comes from Derek Porterand his great tying site: Many of the flies below are standards for bass and trout fishing. If you are just starting out, check out Derek’s Fly Tying Basics information. Other patterns are directed to YouTube where today’s modern fly tyer can see the construction via videos.

Here’s Some More Killer Patterns:

  • Murdich Minnow
  • Murray’s Strymph
  • Black Hellgrammite
  • HiTail Craw
  • Meat Whistle

Here are some local north central Minnesota favorites:

  • Fly of the Day
  • Orange Crush