Get the Blues!

Blue Blockheads for Smallmouth

In the previous post, I discussed trying our Carolina Blue Blockhead Poppers. I’m not sure why, but this early season the river smallmouth have been going nuts over these blue foam popper flies.

I thought you guys and gals should know about this.

Here’s the scenario. In the last 1 1/2 weeks, I’ve hit three different tributaries to the Mississippi River in Central MN. All the rivers are slightly different. Some are super rocky with a mild current, one is mainly shallow, clear and sandy, and the third had stained water from recent rains.

Smallmouth Popper Flies - Blue BlockheadThe good news: Fish were going on top water for most of these midday floats.

From the outset of these midday floats (we commonly put in around noon and float 4 – 5 hours), the smallies have been both blasting and sipping top water flies.

By far and away the best one we’ve used this late spring/early summer is the Flybass Blue Blockhead Popper, only available at We’ve switched out during the day with other proven patterns to test the efficacy of these blue ones and I just have to say, “They flat out prefer the blue”.

I know it sounds like a sales pitch, but I swear they are really effective!

Double Blind Crossover: I intentionally switched to White and Yellow poppers, Gorilla Chernobyl Ant (#4), Tan Mega Hopper Popper (Size #2), as well as White and Red Gurglers and even some Murdich-style streamers just to see if they’d hit anything. All the aforementioned are proven bass killers.

The short answer was: NO, they wouldn’t hit everything, especially with the gusto they were taking the blue blockheads.

Anyway, check them out. I just posted a new video on some tying techniques for foam poppers HERE.