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Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is dedicated to the greatest fly fishing opportunity in the U.S. today. If you like fly fishing, you’ll love FlyBass.com.

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We live in a world in disarray. It’s nice to know some things just keep getting better and better. Such is the world of fly fishing for bass! Now that’s what I call Good News!

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Fly Fishing For Bass!

Bruce Miller - Fishing Partner

Bruce Miller – Fishing Partner

You can enjoy first rate fly fishing as close as the nearest pond or river. Fly-Fishing-Smallmouth.com is here with loads of great information to help you get started and hone your skills to enjoy all that fly fishing has to offer.

FlyBass.com is here to help you find the best gear!

Join us as we explore the many facets of catching lots of big bass, both smallmouth and largemouth in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Whether you spin fish or fly fish, there’s something here for you.

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