Methods of Pursuit

Popular Ways to Fly Fish for Smallmouth

There are three ways to fly fish smallmouth, still fishing from shore (or on ice), wading, or via watercraft. Wading and floating are the most popular for the fly fisherman, where still or shore fishing is generally reserved for our bait fishing brethren.

The number and kinds of watercraft continue to expand producing new and exciting craft designed just for you. Choose from one of the approaches above to learn more about the variety of ways to go after these fish.

We concentrate largely on river fishing at We acknowledge some of the finest trophy smallmouth fishing in North America takes place on lakes and reservoirs.

Rivers provide a favorable habitat for the fly fisherman – throughout the year. Working a river in a craft is perhaps, along with wading, one of the more pleasurable forms of fishing. The targets and scenery change constantly making for a very interesting trip that demands various levels of navigational skill and casting ability.

The combination of float fishing with the tremendous strength of river fish, makes for a memorable experience. To do all this while seeing few, if any competitive anglers, sets river fishing apart.