Not A Fly Fishing Snob? We Forgive You! I’ve been fishing, writing and selling fly fishing related information and equipment for a long time. In the summer, me and my cohorts fly fish for bass at least once and generally multiple times per week. I’ve decided to come out of […]

Fly Fishing Purist…NOT

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
Question: How often do we go back to the same fishing spots over and over again? Answer: A lot…Too Much… It must be human nature to return to the comfortable environs where one has traveled previously. Fishermen and hunters are notorious for fishing and hunting – memories. My brother and […]

New Water

A good quality fly fishing outfit for freshwater bass can be used on a number of other fish, all over the world. In Minnesota, we suggest people useĀ an 8wt outfit using either 8wt or 9wt weight forward floating line when fishing large rivers. I love the “bass tapers or bass […]

The Most Versatile Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly Tying Vise Magnetic Hook Tray Like many of you, I like to sniff around hardware stores and other similar stores that sell a variety of stuff. I’m always looking for better glues and tools to help in my fly tying. Here’s a cool idea that some of you may […]

Fly Tying Vise Hook Holder