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Fly Fishing Minnesota for River Smallmouth – 2012 Season Wrap Up

I was out yesterday, more to enjoy the fall colors than anything else. It’s been a trying year in Minnesota with early to mid season high water and flooding. Then we transitioned incredibly quickly to drought conditions and right now many rivers are extremely low. 

Our saving grace this season was fishing tributaries to the Mississippi that provided some great memories and action as well as reviving the exploring spirit as we pushed ourselves to find new waters. 

The big river became fishable in August but the fast dropping water played tricks on fish location. Nonetheless, we did OK.

I look forward to next year when we hope to get back on a more normal schedule for the Mississippi. Most of the guides in the Twin Cities were fishing the St. Croix which provided a longer period of fishable water levels than the Ole Miss. 

The biggest take-away lessons I learned this year were extended use of divers. I used both deerhair and foam-bodied and I like the foam better, although a fishing partner would disagree.  

Either way, their big and bulky but do bring up some very impressive fish as discussed in another blog posting

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