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The Amazing Murdich Minnow

The Amazing Murdich Minnow

murdichminnow300.pngIf you don’t have a supply of Murdich Minnows available in different sizes and even color patterns, you better get busy!

In my opinion, the Murdich is one of the greatest flies for fresh or saltwater ever created. They are easy to tie with the original pattern, developed by Bill Murdich, the most deadly.

I also carry variants and different colors, especially gold and olive to emulate various baitfish, where ever I’m fishing. I also tie them on a stainless steel hook, as you never know when a saltwater opportunity may pop up.

Here are the original ingredients:

HOOK: TMC8089NP size 10 or Targus B9089 size
THREAD: White 6/0 thread
TAIL: Silver Flashabou over white bucktail with pearl Flashabou
COLLAR: Silver Flashabou over white Ice Fur
BODY/HEAD: Pearl Estaz, top colored with cool gray Pantone
pen. If needed, use underbody of white medium chenille for bulk
EYES: Silver or pearl 3-D molded, size 5.0

Here are two different approaches to the Murdich Minnow.

#1 is the classic tie, in this case from Hans Sephenson of South Dakota Fly Shop in Rapid City, SD.

#2 is a variation from Joe Cornwall of Fly Fish Ohio. This pattern sports a larger head region, but is also very effective.

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