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The Whites of September

WhitesCarI’ve been looking for an ephoron leukons hatch for the last several weeks. Very light if not non-existent, until last night.

I was returning from a good day on the Old Miss and started seeing occasional White Mayflies hitting the car as I neared the river.

But as I got within 1/2 mile of my home, right across the road from the upper Mississippi, it was a blizzard of whites!

I know they’ve been hatching in different regions of the midwest and east for several weeks, but it’s rare to see them this heavy. 

Take advantage of the “Ephoron” hatch in your area. Tie on a #12 Light Cahill or other large white fly – White Wulff, White Bivisible – anything, and get out there. 

It’s a rare opportunity to catch smallmouth bass, just like trout as they key in on these large delectable mayflies for only a short period of time each season, depending on your location.

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