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Year of the Diver

I took a float on Saturday before the big predicted cold front. My watch had stopped and I thought it was 4:30 when it was actually 5:30 p.m. I got going an hour late for what is usually a nice casual three hour float in my kayak. Instead, I had to paddle quite a bit so I’d get back before dark.

I fished only prime spots and didn’t do too hot. This section is known for big tough smallmouth and I only landed three with the big fish about 18″. I missed several and used only top water poppers and divers.

This is the first season I’ve fished divers regularly. I’m still trying to figure out how they fit into the popper to subsurface hierarchy, but the results have been promising.

We took some of our biggest fish this season on large divers. We used several different styles including deerhair and foam heads. I think they both work as long as they’ll pull a nice bubble trail.

Big divers are much more difficult to throw than traditional sized bass poppers. The big bulky body shape of the Umpqua Swimming Minnows (1/0) made me yearn for a nine weight, but the results were pretty awesome.

I fished some home-tied foam (Rainy’s) and deerhair in smaller sizes, probably on a number#2 hook and they were much more managable with an eight weight rod.

Diver’s are in a category by themselves and will excite fish into striking, especially big fish as the bubble stream creates the illusion of “bigness” and erratic action.

Pike love them as well since most of the lost divers this season were sacrificed to northerns while bass fishing.

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